Birding Course

In between your birding trips, take time to learn all

about these "Lords of the Air" with our 6-part bird course. Topics will cover bird evolution, recent advances in ornithology, and how our bird populations are likely to change in the face of climate change.

Classes will he held over Zoom on Monday evenings from 6-7pm. Lectures will be approximately 50 minutes in length with time for questions. All classes will be taught by an Ornithologist with years of experience teaching the subject and leading birding trips around the world.

Sign-up now for "a la carte" classes for $40 each or elect to take the entire course for $215. Class dates and topics below.

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May 17: New Findings in Avian Evolution

  • Which dinosaurs were feathered? What purpose did feathers serve?

  • New theories in the evolution of feathers and flight

May 24: Scientific Methods of Tracking Birds

  • The use of nanotags to determine migratory routes

  • Radiotransmitters

  • Geolocators

  • Bird banding

June 7: How Rhode Island's Bird Populations have Changed

  • The results of the Rhode Island Bird Atlas

  • Status of breeding, wintering and migrating birds

June 14: How Climate Change is Affecting Birds

  • Phenological mismatch

  • How birds are coping with change

  • How populations are changing

June 28: The Breeding Season

  • How birds prepare for nesting

  • Mating, nest defense

  • Caring for chicks

July 12: The Non-breeding Season*

  • Self-maintenance

  • Molting feathers

  • Migrants vs tropical residents

*This class will be pre-recorded