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"I enthusiastically recommend antbirdtours birding trips to Panama in the highest possible terms. I went with Dr. Charles Clarkson on his last birding tour to Panama (in October 2016) and it was the trip of a lifetime.  I was so thrilled by the experience that I am taking another trip back to Panama with Dr. Clarkson in March/April 2017.  Dr. Clarkson has a deep knowledge of Panamanian birds and boundless enthusiasm for the country and its wildlife.  He bent over backwards to make the trip enjoyable and successful for everyone in our small group, which ranged from highly experienced and intrepid birders, who could go all day, to less experienced and less energetic folk like me, who needed a mid-day break."


                       -Dian, Rhode Island USA

Little Blue Heron

"My highest recommendation is offered to birders interested in experiencing the species-rich birds of Panama with Antbird Tours.  Having birded in 18 countries with a variety of guides over 35 years, I can unequivocally endorse Dr. Charles Clarkson as the best ever.  His knowledge of ornithology is matched by his familiarity with Panama, and skill with people ranging from novices to advanced birders. In just 4 days of birding, we saw 233 species and had a great time."

            - Deirdre, Rhode Island USA

Chestnut-backed Antbird

"My wife and I are fairly new to birding. A birding class by Dr. Charles Clarkson continued to spur our enthusiasm for the activity. Taking a trip with him to Panama with his Antbird tours was unbelievably enjoyable  for us. He has the ability to make the trip fun for beginners as well as experts at the same time. Not only does he point out the birds but explains their behavior as well as their habitat, not just ticking off a list. Also, he takes care of all the details of the trip which makes it unbelievably relaxing. When we had some an unexpected difficulties with transit he had alternate plans in place before we left the airplane to make our next connection. My wife and I would on unreservedly recommend trip with him and in fact will be going again."


               - Dr.M.Robert Sandfort M.D. &

                 Dr. Katrine Hansen M.D.

Yellow-headed Caracara

"Although this was my first trip with Antbird Tours it will definitely not be my last!!  My recent trip to Panama with Dr. Charles Clarkson was a fantastic experience and an enjoyable birdwatching adventure.  He is more than a guide, he is a scientist who teaches each person about the specialized avifauna of Panama as well as information about birds in general.  I felt our trip was more like a science class field trip than just a birdwatching trip with a guide.  Charles packs in a lot of time and discovery in a day and although the days are long and hot, they are the most rewarding one could hope for.  Following ant swarms to gain excellent looks at antbirds and climbing through rainforest understory to catch good looks at antpittas are just part of  what it takes to see these most elusive species.  And we had great, long looks.  I would recommend Antbird Tours and Dr. Charles Clarkson to anyone who wants a truly unique and complete birding experience."


           - Linda, Rhode Island USA

Broad-billed Motmot

"We absolutely loved our recent trip to Panama with Antbird Tours! Charles is an amazing tour guide. He carefully crafted an itinerary that provided an ideal birding experience for our group. His first priority was our safety and comfort, and he made sure we were well prepared for the challenges of walking through the rainforest each day. Charles is an encyclopedia of knowledge, not only regarding the birds and
wildlife in the tropics, but also on the natural history and ecology of the region. We truly enjoyed our time with Antbird Tours and would return again in a heartbeat."

          -Bryan & Jenn, Texas USA

Spotted Antbird